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Gnark, the magic quarry gnome, drumming!
rain drops
rain drops

Two pages from Muddypond's diary blog, one showing Queenie,the bee saved by magic, folklore and spells. The othe a cartoon dragon

 October 25thFairy by the fire at night, with a basket of mushrooms
Woodland mushrooms for the magic  set:

  All through my wood there are mushrooms. So many this year, a harvest to be treasured.

Mind you - they are not all for eating - especially if you're a villager and happen to be looking at my pictures! It's fine for us magics - they agree with us - well nearly all of them - but for you - PLEASE, NEVER eat wild fungi unless you are SURE they are edible!

Here I am, last night, getting ready to cook a nice basket full. I remember Storm making me a huge plateful - you can read about it in the book. This is what we wrote then:

"Dusk was falling fast and the air was colder than ever. All around was grey and strange away from the firelight but when she got back from the stream, Muddypond Green found Storm frying sizzling mushrooms for supper. Her mallow roots were topped up and bubbling away in the heat. It had been a long day. She sniffed the air with pleasure, her irritation with him draining away like the light."

It would be lovely to have him here now, toasting his toes by the log fire, and blowing coloured smoke rings. That is a flash of me, getting ready to cook, with the basket on the grass. Underneath are some flashes I took today of some of my harvest.
All these are growing close to my clearing.

Please remember - these are ONLY FOR US MAGICS - they could be POISONOUS to a VILLAGER!

fairy healing
mushroom for healing spells
puffball mushroom for healing spells and fairy cooking
toadstools for magic chatms and spells
image of magick bright red fungus - unidentified in the Hurst Woods, Charing
Giant mushroon, Muddypond uses this dried for fairy bowls for her eco enchantments business


October 12th
Lazy quarry gnome!
Pond in Muddypond Green's quarry

Just before the light faded this evening, I thought I would fly down through the pines and into the quarry, to make sure that the pond was all in order and ready for the winter months. And what did I find?
That lazy little Quarry Gnome, Gnark, has let it get completely overgrown - just look at the state of it!
And he calls himself a magic! It's his job in the autumn to pull out a lot of the tall bullrushes - and has he done it ? NO!

I know that the birds need shelter and cover for their reed homes, but this is ridiculous - in the spring there'll be no room for the chicks to take a first swim. The pond skaters will need climbing boots! The dragonflies and damsels will tear their wings on the tangle of stems.

He spends all his time as far as I remember drumming away on those bongos of his! I spent a little time looking for him, but it was getting dark.
Well, woe betide him when I get hold of him that's all I can say! I don't have a proper flash of Gnark - but I did have something to show you that reminds me of him!     Serves him right!

October 3rd   (The Ogham wood for magic has now changed to Gort (Ivy)  Sep 30th - Oct 27th)
Villagers and a Folklore meet

Characters froma Kent folklore festival.
What a surprise! I didn't know that any of the villager tribes had musical celebrations - well, not out in the streeets anyway! Playing strange instruments - singing - dancing - almost like a faery meet.
Old Elyn Elflin told me it happens every year and is called a "Folk Festival". Funny looking folk aren't they?

I had to go on an expedition to find winter supplies of bees wax. The journey took me near a villagers' place, that they have named Tenterden and this is what I found!
I didn't know whether to laugh or be frightened, so I kept well out of sight behind the hedges along the road.

I took a Flash with Storm's Drax - it was lucky I had it with me. Later tonight I will try to send a copy to Granny M - even ancient dragons will be amazed to see these creatures I think!


  Copper musical horn in Kings Wood, Kent with the fairy listening to the sound of the rainSeptember 28th
  Magical forest rain horn


   Today, the High Elves invited me to their Kings Wood forest . I haven't been there since that amazing night when we went to search for the nine white stones and they gave us the quessio blankets.

  The thing I wanted to see most was the copper Rain horn that Storm had so loved when he found it. Apparently the Seer told him that it was "music for the soul" and now I can believe it.
Most of the leaves have fallen from the beeches around about, and it's looking very autumny now. I really do love Autumn. This is what was written about Storm's visit in the book:

"Making notes about the state of the trees, he discovered a great silver horn, tarnished brown now, tall on its pole amongst the branches deep in the forest.  He sat in silence underneath it, leaning his back against the pole and closed his eyes to listen as the huge trumpet collected drops of rain falling from the beeches above. The drops cascaded onto a metal floor under the leaves and down into a chalky chamber. The underground walls had been built up to make the sounds louder, and they echoed and plinked like bells. Music to his dragon ears for dragons love their music, a symphony from the rain."

It wasn't raining, but a kind of mist hung in the air, so I was lucky and could hear a little of the "symphony" for myself.