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Brockhill Park, Saltwood,    (Near Hythe  CT21 4HL)     Website
Lakeside, woodland and river walks

Open Dates
Open Times
Entry Fee
9.00am - dusk
Free but car-parking charge

Brockhill Park, Hythe, Kent at snowdrop time ©vcsinden2014

         One of the very best places to see snowdrops in Kent, and you can go there on any day you choose.

Take a walk in beautiful park land around the lake with banks carpeted in snowdrops in February. Longer walks meander through the alder trees along the river.

There's a nice cafe at the car-park with delicious home-made meals, cakes and refreshments - a vegetarian delight!

Brockhill Park, Hythe, Kent, mallards prepare for Spring ©vcsinden2012
Brockhill Park, Hythe, Kent - snow at snowdrop time ©vcsinden2012
Ducks keeping their feet out of the icy lake water, and snowdrops in the snow at Brockhill Park on 12th February 2013
Brockhill Park, Hythe, Kent - snow at snowdrop time ©vcsinden2013

 Perfect for a winter stroll - admire the miriads of snowdrops, feed the ducks and moorhens on the lake - gaze at the pretty waterfalls - then indulge in a warming home-made, excellent value vegetarian lunch!  We did!

Brockhill Park, Hythe, Kent - a snowdrop drift in February ©vcsinden2014

Pictures taken at Brockhill Park, Hythe - February 2013 and 2014





St Cosmos & St Damian,  Challock  (between Ashford & Faversham  TN25 4BP )  Website
Famous Snowdrop Teas

Open Dates
Open Times
Entry Fee
Sun Feb 16th
Sun Feb 23rd
12.00 - 4.00pm
Challock Church, St Cosnos & St Damian, Kent ©vcsinden2013 Muddypond Green among the Challock snowdrops ©vcsinden2010
Outside Challock Church in the snowdrops, Muddypond looks forward to a Snowdrop Tea.

  You can walk amongst the snowdrops at any time in early - late February, but for a real treat go when the church is
specially opened.

You can see the wonderful murals, including the famous Millennium Mural by local artist, the late John Ward which covers two huge walls as well as partaking of  delicious home-made refreshments.

Part of the John Ward Millenium Mural - photo source:

*Caution*:  this is a very popular event, be aware that human vehicles sometimes block the narrow,winding lane up and down the hill to the church. It may be quicker to fly! Or failing that - leave plenty of time!

Challock Church, Kent - snowdrop time ©vcsinden2013

Pictures taken at Challock Church, Kent in February 2013



*  New Event  *

Great Comp Gardens, Borough Green,  (nr Sevenoaks TN15 8QS)      Website
'Snowdrop Sensation'   Snowdrop Fair and Open Gardens

Open Dates
Open Times
Entry Fee
Sun Feb 22nd 2015

Snowdrop Fair 10.00am - 12.00pm
Gardens 10.00am - 4.00pm

Adults £6.00


Great Comp Garden, Comp Lane, Platt, Borough Green, will be open for a brand new Winter event - the 'Snowdrop Sensation'.  A plant sale with specialist snowdrop and spring bulb nurseries will run from 10am to 12am.

The gardens, rarely seen in mid-winter, will be open to enjoy until 4.00pm.
Lunches, teas and refreshments will be available.




Broadview Gardens, Hadlow College 
( between Tonbridge 3.5miles and Maistone 11.0miles TN11 0AL )    Website
Winter Colour, Hellebores and Snowdrops

Open Dates
Open Times
Entry Fee
Sun Feb 15th
Sat Feb 21st
Sun Feb 22nd 2015
Sat Feb 28th
Sun March 1st
11.00am - 2.00pm

Broadview Gardens is home to the national collection of hellebores as well as spectacular plantings of snowdrops and fine winter plants and shrubs. Tours of the gardens may be taken and questions about planting and growing asked of the experts.

Tearooms will be open for light refreshments.

The Broadview Garden Centre may also be part of your visit.



     Mere House,  Mereworth  ( 10 miles from Maidstone ME18 5NB)     Website
National Gardens Scheme - open for snowdrops

Open Dates
Open Times
Entry Fee
Sun Feb 22nd
Sun March 1st 2015
2.00pm - 5.00pm
Mere House, Mereworth, snowdrops and aconites in February ©vcsinden2012 Mere House, Mereworth, snowdrops by the lake in February ©vcsinden2012
Snowdrops, winter aconites and heathers brighten the winter days while hundreds more snowdrops grow beside the long lake .

Mere Hose, Mereworth on Snowdrop Day ©vcsinden2012

Mere House, Snowdrop Day - double snowdrop ©vcsinden2012

  The garden of Mere House opens early again this year to take advantage of the enchanting winter flowers. Walk round the lake and back towards the house for good home-made refreshments. Last season we were able to sit out in the sun in February!





 Goodnestone Park Gardens  (near Wingham  CT3 1PL)   Website
Snowdrop and Hellebore Extravanza

Open Dates
Open Times
Entry Fee
Sun Feb 22nd 2015
11.00am - 4.00pm
£6.00 conc. £5.50

   By now a traditional event with stalls offering rare varieties of snowdrops and hellebores from both the Hardy Plant Society and specialist nurseries and growers. Warm up with a light lunch or afternoon tea.

Goonestone Park Gardens - Muddypond walks among the snowdrops in the lime walk lks ©vcsinden2010 Goodnestone Park Gardens, Kent - snowdrops in the lime tree avenue lks ©vcsinden2010

   Walk down the fabulous lime avenue, carpeted with a million and more snowdrops and enjoy the rest of the extensive gardens and woodlands in winter.




Meadow View - Secret Garden  (Hodsoll Street, Wrotham  TN15 7LA)    
Snowdrop & Hellebore garden open for chYps Children's Hospice

Open Dates
Open Times
Entry Fee
Sunday Feb 16th
Gardens 11.00am - 3.30pm
£1.00     Children free

     A plant stall and refreshments will be available at this "small garden backing onto woodland well-known locally for it’s spectactular collection of snowdrops and hellebores in February.   There is a fascinating “cloud-pruned” hedge and with luck and good weather, there may be crocus and flowering shrubs to admire."

       Telephone: 01322 221315
        No dogs please.    Parking at 'Woodlands Farm' on the A227




Hever Castle  (near Tunbridge Wells and Edenbridge TN8 7NG)    Website
Snowdrop Trail for Half Term with Workshops & Activities

Open Dates
Open Times
Entry Fee
Daily 14th Feb - 1st March 2015
Gardens 10.30am - 5.00pm
Gardens £12.70
Senior Citizen £11.30
Giant snowdrop signs mark the way along the Hever castle Snowdrop Trail

The pretty grounds of Ann Boleyn's childhood home are a treat in themselves, even in the depths of a wet February.  There is a well signed 'Snowdrop Trail' with its own map for vistors, but you may need your wellies this year to reach the final display! 

There are several well established drifts in the woodlands and along the bank of the moat, but the trail itself is rather newly established.   Worth braving the wetter parts for the charming surprise ending!

The castle itself is open daily from 12.00, but entrance is at extra cost. Two cafe/restaurants will be open during the Februray Snowdrop openings for lunches, snacks and teas.
See Hever Castle website (link above) for more details and times of talks, crafts etc.

Pass well established drifts along the trail and meet the colony of wicker bunnies, grazing on snowdrops in the field.

Pictures taken at Hever Castle - 20th February 2014




 Spring Platt  (near Sutton Valence ME17 3BY.)  Website
National Gardens Scheme - open for snowdrops

Open Dates
Open Times
Entry Fee
Sat Feb 7th
Sun Feb 8th 2015
10.30am - 3.00pm ??
£3.50 ??
Spring Platt, Kent - snowdrop collection lks ©vcsinden2012
Spring Platt, Kent - snowdrop collection  ©vcsinden2012
Spring Platt, Kent - snowdrop collection ©vcsinden2012
Small raised terraces planted with clearly labelled, individual species are a feature of the Spring Platt snowdrop collection

   Fine views over the Weald of Kent can be relished from Spring Platt, whilst close-up viewings of species snowdrops are made easy from the raised terraces. Take a note of your favourites. The garden is planted with thousands of early spring bulbs. Home-made soup and refreshments available.

Spring Platt, Kent - snowdrops Spring Platt, Kent - view over the Weald ©vcsinden2012
Image from owner's website (link above)
Looking far over the Kentish Weald




?? Swarling Manor, Petham  ( Petham, near Canterbury, CT4 5QW)   Organiser's Website
Manor grounds open for Charities

Open Dates
Open Times
Entry Fee
Sunday February 23rd

                The beautiful grounds of this pretty wedding venue will be open for
The Alzheimer's Society and Motor Neurone Disease Society.

Stunning snowdrops-a-plenty should make a walk in the gardens a lovely winter experience.
'The Barn' will be open for Cakes, Teas and Coffees.
  No dogs permitted.




St. Mary's Church,   Hunton   ( 7 miles from Maidstone towards Tonbridge ME15 0RR.)    
Walk through the perfect snowdrop drifts surrounding the church   

Open Dates
Open Times
Entry Fee
any time
no charge

   You can visit the wonderful display of snowdrops at any time. The pretty churchyard is planted with thousands and thousands of galanthus, and many kinds thrive in the shady grass and lush, deep leaf-mould.

St Mary's Church, Hunton, Kent  ©vcsinden2012
   A church has been standing on this site since the 11th century. The churchyard is planted extensively with the symbol of hope.
  Snowdrops in Hunton churchyard, Kent ©vcsinden2012
Snowdrops in Hunton churchyard, Kent ©vcsinden2012 Snowdrops in Hunton churchyard, Kent ©vcsinden2012




Charlton Park,  Bishopsbourne ( near Canterbury   CT4 5JA )  Website
Woodland Walk in the snowdrop wood

Open Dates
Open Times
Entry Fee
Sunday 15th Feb 2015
11.00am - 2.00pm
Donations for Bishopsbourne Church

Snowdrops at Charlton Park , Bishopsbourne, Kent ©vcsinden2013

Snowdrops at Charlton Park , Bishopsbourne, Kent ©vcsinden2013

   This woodland is carpeted with snowdrops, thought to have been planted 200 years ago, in memory of the Prince Regent’s white charger, killed jumping from the Ballroom window which looks down towards the Dower House. Simply for a bet!

Walk in the snowdrop wood,
then peep inside the main house for a warm beside the huge log fires.
You will be welcomed with tea or coffee and biscuits.
Minimum donation (for refreshments and walk) £2.50 per person in aid of
St. Mary The Virgin Church, Bishopsbourne.

Snowdrops at Charlton Park , Bishopsbourne, Kent ©vcsinden2013       

Snowdrops at Charlton Park , Bishopsbourne, Kent ©vcsinden2013

You are promised a walk through a 'snowdrop wood' and you certainly won't be disappointed.

Leafless oaks, towering pines and deep green hollies line the way as you wend along the paths amongst thousands and thousands of the glorious 'Fair Maids of February'.

Warmed by the log fire, a little vase greeted us on the tea tables.

Pictures taken at Charlton Park - 10th February 2013, as it was threatening snow.




  Copton Ash,  Faversham ( ME13 8XW )    Website
National Gardens Scheme - open for snowdrops & hellebores

Open Dates
Open Times
Entry Fee
Sun Feb 15th 2015
12.00 - 4.00pm

   Copton Ash spring garden, Faversham, Kent ©vcsinden2013 Copton Ash spring garden, Faversham, Kent ©vcsinden2013


A Snowdrop collector's delight with species after species of snowdrop, all clearly labelled and hellebores of every hue.

The one and a half acre garden, is open early for just one day, so that we can enjoy the owners "special interest in woodland flowers, snowdrops and hellebores with flowering trees and shrubs of spring".

      Home-made teas available.


Copton Ash spring garden, Faversham, Kent ©vcsinden2013 Copton Ash snowdrop 'Gerard Parker', Faversham, Kent ©vcsinden2013
Copton Ash snowdrops, Faversham, Kent ©vcsinden2013

   Above, a magical white himalayan birch catches the sunlight. Right species snowdrops 'Gerard Parker' and 'Mrs Thompson'. Many unusual snowdrop varieties on sale at the plant stall.

  Photos taken at Copton Ash, Feb 17th 2013



St Mary's Church, Hinxhill  ( near Ashford  TN25 6NU )    
Churchyard planted with vast drifts of naturalised snowdrops.

Open Dates
Open Times
Entry Fee
any time
no charge

Hinxhill - St. Mary's at snowdrop time ©vcsinden2013

   It's been snowing a little in this part of Kent - but that doesn't deter the Flowers of Hope - in fact I think they like it!

  The picture below is a close up from the one on the left, as it is so difficult to see the snowdrops from the snow in the original photograph!




Sharsted Woods, Newnham, Kent  ( 'The Street', on your left between
Doddington Place & The George  ME9 0LL towards between Lenham and Faversham)
Woodland walk through snowdrops and chestnuts.

Open Dates
Open Times
Entry Fee
Snowdrops in February
any time
Snowdrops in Sharsted Wood ©vcsinden2013 Snowdrops in Sharsted Wood, Newhham, Kent ©vcsinden2013

A pretty country drive and great place to walk the dog - paths through a chestnut wood wend up hill and down dale, the lowest areas awash with naturalised snowdrops.
*Note: not much parking beside the woods themselves - but an easy walk out of the village of Newnham.




Chelsea Physic Garden (66 Royal Hospital Road, Chelsea, London SW3 4HS)     Website
Snowdrop Days - an extravaganza at the famous Physic Garden

Open Dates
Open Times
Entry Fee
Saturday 31st January to
Sunday 8th February 2015
10.00am - 4.00pm
Adults inc.seniors £9.90

Chelsea Physic Garden Snowdrop days - early spring display ©vcsinden2014

Chelsea Physic Garden Snowdrop days - carefully labelled snowdrop trail ©vcsinden2014 Chelsea Physic Garden Snowdrop days ©vcsinden2014

     The garden is open in Winter for these few very special days only. There is a Snowdrop Trail, walks and free guided tours. The trail takes you around paths with carefully labelled, unusual species as well as more common varieties becoming naturalised under the trees.Chelsea Physic Garden Snowdrop days - 'Snowdrop theatre' ©vcsinden2014


   Potted snowdrops, some very rare (and expensive!), others familiar and accessible, with more winter-flowering plants are on sale from specialist nurseries in the snowdrop marquee.

   The most beautiful stars of the week are displayed in big pots so that you can look at them closely at eye-height in the exhibition at the little 'Snowdrop Theatre'.

    Mulled wine, teas, coffees and warming food available all day in the busy Tangerine Cafė. I really must recommend the 'Orange Polenta' cake if they have it this year!

Chelsea Physic Garden Snowdrop days - sales marquee ©vcsinden2014 Chelsea Physic Garden Snowdrop days- Galanthus Seagull ©vcsinden2014
Many, many unusual snowdrop varieties for sale in the Marquee, with my favourite, the dark green 'Seagull' on th right.

Photos taken at The Chelsea Physic Garden, February 13th 2014



Sevenoaks Adult Education Centre (Hatton House, Bradbourne Road, Sevenoaks TN13 3QN)  Website
Snowdrop Watercolour Painting Day for Beginners

Open Dates
Open Times
Day Course Fee
Saturday 1st March
10.00am - 4.00pm

Here is something different for all those Kentish snowdrop lovers - " a relaxing day painting snowdrops in watercolour. There will be five hours tuition and an hour for lunch."

To find more details about the day, and enrol online for the course click here.




   *  Honourable Mention  *  -
The churchyard of St. Nicholas Church, Leeds and Broomfield ME171RL (8km from Maidstone)
- well worth stopping if you are on the way through this historic village.
(Pictures taken in the churchyard, Feb 23rd 2013)

Leeds and Broomfield Church of St Nicholas, snowdrop time ©vcsinden2013 Leeds and Broomfield Church of St Nicholas, snowdrop time ©vcsinden2013